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Radio: A century of information, entertainment and education

The world used to be much bigger, at least when you consider how difficult it is to transmit information from place to place. In the beginning, we just had to walk and talk to each other, and then we could write and exchange letters. Ideas and music travelled around the world at a snail’s pace compared to today. But then the radio was invented, and suddenly the transmission of ideas across hundreds of kilometres became a relatively trivial matter! The world became connected and was never to be the same again.


Radios are more than just a reminder of the past, they are a window to the world with music, news and talk shows that inform and entertain you!


Let’s celebrate the history of the radio and the interconnectedness it brings us!


The 6G MUSICAL project aims to equip the edge infrastructure nodes of 6G with integrated radio frequency/radar-based radio sensor elements that work together with communication components.


As such, the project will

  • investigate new spectrally and energy efficient system architectures and signals, to facilitate high-rate communication across multi-frequency bands integrated with accurate sensing and localisation.
  • define physical and logical network architecture and framework for the next-generation integrated communication and sensing network for connected and unconnected objects.
  • Design and development of low-noise and highly stable reference sources for RF carrier and timing synchronisation.
  • Develop dynamic resource allocation schemes that enable optimisation of the usage of radio resources to satisfy radio localisation, sensing and communication needs.
How to celebrate World Radio Day!

World Radio Day is a great opportunity to remember all those years we spent traveling with Walkman and enjoying the best and newest music broadcast from your local radio station. Set aside your CD’s and MP3 players, and remember when you discovered new music by what they played on the radio.


It’s been over 130 years since the word radio was first used to describe Hertz’s wave experiments. Now, 130 years later, the radio is one of the most important inventions for staying connected to those near and far!


So, to celebrate, dig up that old or new radio device, and play your favourite song in celebration of World Radio Day.


Happy listening!


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