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Recent advancements in wireless network technologies have given significant momentum to the fusion of communication and radio-sensing functionalities into a shared framework known as Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC).


The 6G-MUSICAL project, culminating in this publication that has been accepted and published in the prestigious IEEE Sensors journal, addresses the complex challenge of designing a fully connected hybrid beamforming system for multi-user, multi-beam ISAC scenarios. Traditionally, the design process has involved a two-step method:

  1. creating a fully digital beamformer,
  2. adapting a hybrid beamformer to closely match the digital version.

However, this conventional approach often fails to meet the critical requirements of communication and radio-sensing tasks.


The 6G-MUSICAL research proposes an innovative method that addresses these challenges by ensuring that communication and radio-sensing constraints are inherently satisfied. We propose an iterative alternate optimisation algorithm that adeptly constructs hybrid beamforming matrices to maximise the weighted sum rate while adhering to power and sensing constraints. Simulation results demonstrate that our method closely mirrors the performance of a fully digital precoder and significantly surpasses existing hybrid beamforming techniques in ISAC applications.


This work, which has now been recognised and disseminated through the IEEE Sensors Journal, paves the way for more efficient and effective integrated network solutions, fostering advancements in both communication and sensing technologies.


Gain access to the full publication here

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